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Learn How to Craft Game Effects using Houdini & UE4

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Learn How to Craft Game Effects making use of Houdini & UE4

A resource for expert movie vfx musicians to begin their trip right into live graphics. – Free Course


In this training course, you are going to discover:-

  • Take your aesthetic impacts adventure coming from partnering with Houdini in the movie service as well as discover the basics of administering it to the computer game service.
  • Recognize the implication of real-time aesthetic impacts marketing


  • Introduction

  • Example Files

  • How perform sprite pieces function in Unreal Engine?

  • Creating a sprite piece in Houdini

  • A simple “power-up” bit in Unreal Engine

  • Creating Geometry as well as Animating in Houdini

  • Vector Math Basics

  • Exporting Vertex Animation From Houdini

  • Using Vertex Animation in Unreal Engine

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