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Elon Musk Slams ‘The Rings of Power’ for Making ‘Almost Every Male Character a Coward’ or ‘Jerk,’ Reigniting Jeff Bezos Feud

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Elon Musk has actually boosted his historical competition along with Amazon owner as well as exec leader Jeff Bezos, this time around over Amazon’s buzzy brand-new set “The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power.” The to begin with pair of incidents of “The Rings of Power” debuted Sept. 2 on Prime Video to solid customer reviews coming from doubters as well as 25 thousand worldwide audiences in the course of their very first 24 hr accessible to flow. Musk is actually certainly not a follower of the set.

“Tolkien is turning in his grave,” the Tesla chief executive officer as well as owner created on Twitter. “Almost every male character so far is a coward, a jerk or both. Only Galadriel is brave, smart and nice.”

Some of the “Lord of the Rings” fandom is actually unsettled along with the program for transforming Galadriel, participated in through Cate Blanchett in Peter Jackson’s movie triumvirate as a peaceful as well as majestic fairy, right into a mature activity hero. Galadriel is actually performed through Morfydd Clark in the Amazon set. Clark earlier guarded her analysis of the personality.

“I would say that her serenity is hard earned,” Clark informed Variety. “I don’t think you get to that level of wisdom without going through things. She actually speaks about [how] with wisdom, there is a loss of innocence, which was a really good thing for me to find in the lore. Because, like, how young are you when you’re still thousands of years old? So it was thinking of what innocence she lost during this time.”

Clark proceeded, “The elves by the Third Age have evolved to a certain degree. The elves in the First Age are really messy and screw each other over a lot, and fight and mock each other also. They are the history of Middle Earth, and so they are forever changing. It was really interesting for all of us playing canon characters to be exploring how these characters become what we know them to be.”

Musk as well as Bezos have actually been actually company opponents for many years, so it’s certainly not stunning to view the past be actually thus crucial of Amazon’s “The Rings of Power.” Their competition presently includes their completing spaceflight services, Musk’s SpaceX as well as Bezos’ Blue Origin.

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