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Ford reportedly is working on a mystery electric truck that’s not an F-150 Lightning

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Ford’s potential power schedule is actually happening even more in to concentration. (Absolutely no, certainly not that Emphasis.)

After racking up a big succeed along with the F-150 Super, Ford is actually cultivating a brand-new power vehicle that is going to likely take place purchase in 2025, depending on to Automotive Updates. Particulars are actually limited, yet the brand-new EV vehicle will certainly rest together with an electricity Ford Traveler, and also the car manufacturer’s Horse Mach-E and also F-150 Super, as Ford’s loved ones of power automobiles starts to submit due to the mid-point of the many years.

Ford chief executive officer Jim Farley initially aggravated the brand-new vehicle back in April, taking note that it will certainly be actually developed at the firm’s upcoming Blue Oval Metropolitan area school in Tennessee. The vehicle will certainly be actually an “brand new” nameplate, certainly not an upgraded F-150 Super, and also will certainly aid boost Ford as a forerunner in power vehicles, Farley pointed out.

Automotive Updates possesses some additional hunch regarding the vehicle:

While particulars are actually limited, maybe a noticeably designated full-size pick-up under the F-Series sunshade that would certainly be actually industried even more towards retail purchasers while the conventional Super created in Michigan would certainly be actually paid attention to industrial purchases.

The suggestion that Ford would certainly present a brand-new nameplate as opposed to amaze some of its own existing items, like the preferred Extremist and also Bronco marques, shows that the car manufacturer is actually thinking favorable regarding its own electrification strategies. A speaker for the firm dropped to talk about “potential item hunch.”

The file repeats Ford’s strategies to release manufacturing of an all-electric Traveler sport utility vehicle due to the end of 2024. The Traveler EV will certainly be actually developed at the firm’s manufacturing facility in Oakville, Ontario, after a previous program to generate it together with the Horse Mach-E in Cuautitlan, Mexico, was actually broken up. The Oakville resource, where the gas-powered Ford Side and also Lincoln Nautilus are actually developed, resides in the procedure of being actually changed to an EV-only industrial plant, Automotive Updates records.

Purchases of the brand-new Traveler EV are actually anticipated to start in 2025, though source establishment disturbances and also electric battery component deficiencies have actually put off the car manufacturer’s EV strategies previously.

Farley has actually meant all-electric variations of the brand-new Bronco sport utility vehicle and also Extremist portable pick-up, yet Automotive Updates shows that pro tempore being actually, our team’re simply most likely to obtain a combination variation of the Bronco to take on the Vehicle Wrangler 4xe through 2024. Crossbreed variations of the Bronco Sporting activity and also Ranger pick-up are actually additionally in the jobs.

Ford possesses claimed it wishes to be actually “the very clear No. 2 power car creator in The United States and Canada within the following pair years and after that difficulty for No. 1” — though improving competitors coming from various other heritage car manufacturers might make complex that objective. Ford was actually just recently outperformed in EV purchases through Hyundai and also Kia, which offered 21,467 power automobiles in between January and also Might of this particular year. Ford, comparative, offered 15,718 EVs in the course of the very same time frame.

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