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Here are the Russian oil executives who have died in the past nine months


The fatality of a leading Russian oil manager recently is actually the most recent in a cord of oil execs in the nation that have actually apparently passed away coming from self-destruction or even in collisions this year. 

Russian media electrical outlets stated that Ravil Maganov, the leader of the panel of Lukoil, Russia’s biggest exclusive oil business, passed away on Thursday after befalling of a home window at a medical center where he was actually being actually handled. TASS, the state-run news organisation, stated that an unrevealed police resource claimed Maganov dedicated self-destruction. 

Maganov was actually being actually handled at the medical facility after possessing a cardiovascular disease and also was actually taking antidepressants, TASS stated. 

Lukoil is just one of minority business that have actually openly slammed Russia’s attack of Ukraine, asking for a point to the dispute in March. More than six various other oil execs have actually perished this year under confusing situations. 

Here are actually the Russian oil execs that have actually passed away strangely before 9 months: 

Leonid Shulman 

Leonid Shulman, a magnate for the Russian state-owned electricity business Gazprom, was actually located dead of a mentioned self-destruction in a home in the town of Leninsky on January 30. 

Russian media stated that a self-destruction keep in mind was actually located at the performance. The keep in mind apparently claimed that Shulman possessed intolerable discomfort in a defective lower leg. 

Alexander Tyulakov 

Alexander Tyulakov, an additional magnate for Gazprom, was actually located lifeless in the very same town just about a month eventually in a garage. An individual Russian paper, Novaya Gazeta, stated that his fatality seemed a self-destruction. 

He was actually likewise apparently viewed terribly trumped on the evening prior to his fatality. 

Novaya Gazeta stated that Leninsky is actually taken into consideration a special estate for leading Gazprom execs. 

Mikhail Watford 

Ukraine-birthed oligarch Mikhail Watford, that ended up being a billionaire with the oil and also gasoline market, was actually located lifeless 3 times after Tyulakov at his house in England. Local British policemans apparently claimed as they considered his fatality to become unusual yet certainly not questionable. 

Vladislav Avayev 

Vladislav Avayev, the past bad habit head of state of Gazprombank, some of the biggest banking companies in Russia, which possesses dead heats to the electricity market, was actually located lifeless in his apartment or condo in Moscow in addition to his partner and also little girl on April 18. 

Police apparently located a gun in Avayev’s palms, leading all of them to take into consideration the accident an instance of murder-suicide. 

Sergei Protosenya 

A comparable accident happened 1 day after Avayev’s fatality when Sergei Protosenya, a past representant leader of Novatek, a Russian gas agency, was actually located put up while his partner and also little girl were actually located plunged to fatality, depending on to Radio Free Europe, a U.S. government-funded media channel. 

They were actually located at a suite in Spain. Police were actually exploring the fatality as a murder-suicide, yet Protosenya’s boy declined the idea, mentioning that his dad was actually certainly not a great and also would certainly never ever injure his family members, the British sheet The Daily Mirror stated. 

Alexander Subbotin 

Former leading Lukoil manager Alexander Subbotin was actually located lifeless in May in the cellar of a home near Moscow. TASS stated that Subbotin passed out due to a cardiovascular disease, and also cops opened up an illegal examination in to his fatality. 

Yury Voronov 

Yury Voronov, the scalp of a transportation and also coordinations business that keeps agreements along with Gazprom for the Arctic location, was actually located lifeless in a pool at his house in July. 

He was actually located along with a gunshot cut to the head, and also a gun was actually located close by, depending on to nearby media. Some covering housings were actually located at the end of the swimming pool. 

His partner apparently informed cops that Voronov started mistreating liquor in both full weeks leading up to his fatality, and also he had actually shed a bunch of funds throughout that opportunity in differences along with specialists.

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