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How to Quickly Adapt to Change and Future-Proof Your Business

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Three years in to beginning my service I was actually supplied a hard option. A firm I formerly benefited, Adobe, called me in relation to a permanent work possibility. At this moment I was actually performing effectively good enough along with my service, I was actually bring in good cash, yet it still believed that a work.

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So when the possibility to receive an assured salary, advantages and also supply possibilities turned up; I could not assist yet amuse the suggestion. I began questioning along with the staff I would certainly sign up with, fulfilled some great individuals, was actually thrilled due to the possibility, and after that I took out coming from the method.


Because I reached what Jason Feifer refers to as the “definitely would not get back” stage of my shift coming from staff member to business person. In Jason’s personal phrases this is actually when you may point out “I possess one thing brand new, that is actually therefore important to me that I definitely would not would like to get back to an opportunity just before I possessed it.”

He offers even more information – and also exactly how you may come to the stage also – during the course of the current incident of the Launch Your Business podcast.

I’ll discuss a few of my preferred takeaways through highlighting a structure he built, the 4 stages of adjustment.

Phase One – Panic

As a brand new local business owner, it might appear like there is actually lots to worry around.

  • How will I receive clients?
  • How am I ever before heading to track this admin job?
  • What if I neglect?

This monitor of reasoning leads you to pay attention to every thing you shed through beginning your personal service. Specifically, the recognized safety and security of working.

Jason explains this specifically “The primary thing that you may do is actually identify your personal response to transform, which is actually possibly heading to be actually that you are actually heading to identify reduction. And quickly good enough, you have actually operated on your own in to a panic since you strongly believe that every point that you understand is actually currently an unsuccess and also you are actually beginning at no.”

That acknowledgment is very important. Otherwise you will not put in the time to effectively refine the transformation you have actually experienced.

When I to begin with began my service I made believe like every thing was actually going fantastic. Sure, it seemed really good, yet applying that front end drained my electricity and also postponed my shift to the upcoming stage. So yes, it is actually alright to panic. This is actually a genuine point and also you would like to experience it.

Panic merely ends up being a concern when you opt for to keep embeded that stage.

Phase Two – Adapt

Once our experts’re done with panic, it’s time to adapt. In this phase we identify what’s available to us as opposed to what we’ve lost.

How do you get there?

Jason states “We need to look at change and say, what is this new thing providing us that we didn’t have before? What new skills can I learn or what new opportunities can I have because of this that I didn’t have before?”

On my end I was glad to have more autonomy and the ability to choose who I worked with. Starting a business also gave me the opportunity to work out during the day which had a remarkably positive impact on my overall health.

This positive extrapolation of change can make you feel excited for what’s to come as opposed to panicking about a future that hasn’t even been written.

Phase Three – New Normal

During the adapting phase, we are actually rebuilding. In the new normal phase we’ve developed a fresh foundation for ourselves and have something that feels familiar again. Essentially, we’ve established a new routine.

You may be thinking “Cool, but that doesn’t sound too exciting” And, you’re partially right. Moving through this stage requires some deep thought and reflection. It requires you asking yourself a powerful question in regard to your business.

What is it for? And the easy answer might be “money” but you can make money from a job.

So, what is it for? You could also say “I want to be my own boss”, but there are several other businesses you could have started.

Again, what is it for? What does it do for you personally, what is its purpose?

It took me a while to find that answer. And, I only arrived at it after I made the pivot from being a digital marketing consultant to a business development consultant. The purpose of my job is for me to support my family and lead a healthy life, on my own terms, by helping other entrepreneurs avoid all the mistakes I made when I first started out.

I share experiences and information to help people.

So you need to ask yourself that same question. And when you have that answer, then you’re ready to move on to the next phase.

Phase Four – Wouldn’t Go Back

The final stage of this process is about being crystal clear on what you want and need.

Jason provides more details “If you have a clarity of purpose about the things that you’re doing and the reasons why you’re doing it, then you have reached a state in which you can say I wouldn’t want to go back to a time before I had this.”

But guess what? You can have multiple wouldn’t go back moments. Things change, you’ll change, and that is actually fine. You have to adapt. That’s why you need to clear on your core values so you know what can change, and what must remain.

On my end I’m still a consultant but I also speak at conferences, lead workshops for various companies and get paid to create content. And while that may seem like a lot, all these activities are still aligned with my purpose, which is to share experiences and information to help people. I’ve just adapted the context in which I’m sharing.

And as Jason states, that ability to adapt is crucial to your continued success as an entrepreneur.

“The most successful people are the ones who are willing and able to adapt, who don’t hold to an idea for so long that they have calcified and stop changing. Who are excited by what’s coming next rather than trying to maximize what has already come. And if you can become comfortable doing this, you will get over the greatest hurdle in business.”

What’s next?

Those were a few key takeaways from my conversation with Dorie. To hear the full conversation and get access to additional resources tune in to this week’s episode of the Launch Your Business podcast.

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