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Indonesia’s KawanKawan Media Wraps ‘Gaspar,’ Reveals Extensive Slate (EXCLUSIVE)


Prolific Indonesian developer KawanKawan Media, which possesses Makbul Mubarak’s “Autobiography” in competitors at the Venice Film Festival’s Horizons fiber, possesses a boating of jobs on its own slate.

The provider, led through Yulia Evina Bhara, racked up a hat method of triumphes at Locarno over the final couple of years along with Yosep Anggi Noen’s “The Science of Fictions” (2019), Carlo Francisco Manatad’s “Whether the Weather Is Fine” (2021) as well as Ming Jin Woo’s “Stone Turtle” (2022), as well as succeeded an honor at CPH:DOX for Fanny Chotimah’s film “You and I” in 2020.

Noen’s “Gaspar,” which is actually embeded in the Javanese area Semarang in 2032 as well as is actually a modification of Sabda Armandio’s unique “24 Hours of Gaspar,” has actually simply covered creation. It celebrities Reza Rahadian, Shenina Cinnamon, Laura Basuki, Sal Priadi, Kristo Immanuel as well as Dewi Irawan.

Gaspar (Rahadian) is actually a trifler investigative working with a mass annihilation scenario entailing the federal government, through which he faces a tipster that provides him a tip in the direction of the unexplainable loss of his childhood years pal, Kirana, which directs him in the direction of Wan Ali, a human-trafficking criminal. The movie, a co-production in between KawanKawan Media as well as Visinema Pictures, is actually following tied for the Busan Asian Project Market.

Noen, that is actually KawanKawan’s founder, is actually presently cultivating his brand new attribute, the Bali-established “Jilah and the Man with Two Names,” where journeys on a dating application go awry. Writer-supervisor Kamila Andini (Toronto victor “Yuni”) performs panel as co-writer.

The active Noen is actually additionally in blog post along with film “Voice of Baceprot,” observing the ups as well as downs of an all-girl metallic band.

“Tiger Stripes,” through Malaysian producer Amanda Nell Eu, remains in blog post. In the movie, an 11-year-old lady gets to the age of puberty when her physical body starts to change at a startling as well as horrible fee. In anxiety of being actually identified as a satanic force, she battles to keep being actually usual at college.

It is actually generated through Bhara for KawanKawan, Fran Borgia for Akanga Film Asia, Singapore, Foo Fei Ling for Ghost Grrrl Pictures, Malaysia, Patrick Huang for Flash Forward Entertainment, Taiwan, Juliette Lepoutre for Still Moving, France, Jonas Weydemann for Weydemann Bros, Germany, as well as Ellen Havenith for PRPL, the Netherlands.

KawanKawan remains in pre-production on “Tale of The Land,” the 1st attribute coming from Loeloe Hendra, whose brief “Onomastika” was actually a Berlinale collection in 2015. The movie will definitely comply with May, a Bornean lady that is actually distressed upon watching her moms and dads’ fatality as a result of a property disagreement. She jails herself through residing on a drifting residence at the center of a pond.

In progression is actually “Songsmith,” the 1st attribute coming from cinematographer-director Bayu Prihantoro Filemon, whose brief “On the Origin of Fear” premiered at Venice in 2016. Set in 1992 Jakarta, the movie activates Vero, the diva of Artis Safari Group, the government-backed vocalists’ aggregate, that journeys substantially, inspecting elect the judgment political gathering. At the elevation of her recognition, Vero witnesses her co-workers switch over obligation to the hostility side, as well as the political instance magnifies.

“Stone Turtle,” starring Asmara Abigail as well as Bront Palarae, performs launch.

“I like stories that are personal, specific, but also touches many things around me. I also like to work with fresh talents because you know, producing through filmmaking pipeline is technically a redundant process – it is fresh ideas and talents that makes every production unique and authentic, hence it gives me a bigger room to grow,” Bhara informed Variety.

KawanKawan is actually looking for to cultivate jobs coming from new producers coming from Indonesia as well as Southeast Asia, besides collaborating with its own existing team of imaginative partners.

“Producing and working with first-time directors is always exciting because it allows you to work from scratch, expanding rooms for discovery. With a first-time director, it is not just about making the film, it is also about helping the director shaping their vision and creative personality,” Bhara included.

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