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Jupiter’s Complex Colors Revealed in Stunning Images From NASA’s Juno Spacecraft

Jupiters Complex Colors Processed

The first picture (prime of web page) was processed to painting the approximate colours that the human eye would see from the vantage level of the Juno spacecraft. The second picture (above) additionally comes from the identical uncooked knowledge. However, on this case, Jónsson digitally processed it to extend each the colour saturation and distinction to sharpen small-scale options and to scale back compression artifacts and noise that sometimes seem in uncooked pictures. This leads to a picture that clearly reveals a few of the most intriguing facets of Jupiter’s ambiance, together with coloration variation that outcomes from differing chemical composition, the three-dimensional nature of Jupiter’s swirling vortices, and the small, vibrant “pop-up” clouds that kind within the larger elements of the ambiance.

JunoCam’s uncooked pictures can be found for the general public to peruse and course of into picture merchandise.  More details about NASA citizen science might be discovered at and

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