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Melanie Raucher of ‘Naked and Afraid’ died from sniffing air canisters: report

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An postmortem examination revealed that “Naked and Afraid” candidate Melanie Rauscher passed away through collision when she absorbed a deadly volume of pressed sky utilized in cleansing items, depending on to a document.

Rauscher, 35, was actually uncovered lifeless near some containers of dirt cleaning service on July 17 in Prescott, Arizona. The postmortem examination document coming from the Yavapai County Medical Examiner mentioned that Melanie breathed in the poisonous aerosol can, leaving her less competent, TMZ disclosed Saturday.

Her main cause was actually specified as difluoroethane poisoning. The road jargon for that is actually referred to as “huffing” as well as it’s a process utilized typically through adolescents finding an economical higher. The document pointed out that alcohol and drugs carried out certainly not contribute in her fatality.

Rauscher was found dead near cans of dust cleaner in Prescott, Arizona.
Rauscher was actually discovered lifeless near containers of dirt cleaning service in Prescott, Arizona.

Rauscher had actually been actually dog-sitting at the moment. The managers came back house coming from getaway to locate her exact the bedroom in the bedroom.

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