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Nippon TV Seals Major Anime License Deal With Netflix

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Nippon television, a leading Eastern home entertainment firm, has actually certified thirteen of its own very most well-liked cartoons names to Netflix to flow non-exclusively around the globe. 

The very first labels to begin streaming on Sept. 2, 2022 consist of the very first 38 incidents of ever-popular “Seeker x Seeker,” which will certainly be actually accessible in 104 nations, featuring Spain, Italy, Finland, Chicken, South Africa, Saudi Arabia and also the UAE; “Ouran Senior High School Bunch Nightclub,” in 190 nations; and also “Claymore,” in 136 nations.

Others – specified in the purchase through which Netflix will certainly publish all of them – consist of “Fatality Take note” (37 eps. x 30 minutes); “Fatality Details: Rekindle 1” (130 minutes), “Fatality Details: Rekindle 2” (120 minutes) in 14 nations” “Coming from Me to You” (25 eps. x 30 minutes); “Coming from Me to You second Period” (thirteen eps. x 30 minutes); “Berserk” (25 eps. x 30 minutes); “Parasyte-the Adage” (24 eps. x 30 minutes); “Nana” (47 eps. x 30 minutes); “Hajime no Ippo: The Battling!” (76 eps. x 30 minutes); and also Beast” (74 eps. x 30 minutes). 

“For several years, cartoons has actually been actually a steering power at Nippon television where our team have actually been actually making favorite cartoons labels like “Seeker x Seeker,” “Fatality Take note” and also a lot more. Along with cartoons remaining to rise in recognition around the globe, the time could possibly certainly not be actually much better for this impressive relationship along with Netflix. I believe cartoons enthusiasts will certainly be actually speaking about these labels all over the world,” stated Inoue Akane, cartoons purchases and also licensing, global organization progression, Nippon television.

Nippon television has actually recently certified its own greatest dramatization collection “Old Sufficient” for Netflix to flow in 190 nations, in addition to thirty of its own greatest live-action collection and also home entertainment programs (in Oriental nations).

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