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Places your car can be towed immediately

Places your car can be towed immediately

DENVER (KDVR) — It’s been actually a bit lower than a month due to the fact that a brand-new rule, called the Towing Bill of Rights, worked and also offered vehicle drivers extra securities throughout automobile tows.

The Problem Solvers have actually been actually acquiring e-mails regarding their cars and trucks acquiring hauled without notification, despite the rule in position.

While the brand new rule incorporates some primary guards for vehicle drivers, it performs certainly not indicate you can easily only position anywhere.

“The Towing Bill of Rights is actually an expense that was actually a total overhaul of the towing rules listed below in Colorado. Basically, it is actually meant to aid vehicle drivers that are actually vehicle parking on personal property,” mentioned condition agent Naquetta Ricks. She financed the rule concerning nonconsensual towing in the condition.

“I acquire one to 2 e-mails each week regarding folks experiencing towing,” Ricks stated.

The Problem Solvers have actually additionally been actually acquiring e-mails coming from audiences. The rule entered result on Aug. 10.

A highlight is actually that high rises are actually currently expected to provide vehicle drivers 1 day created notification just before eliminating their cars and trucks, however there are actually some essential exemptions.

“Those exemptions can be found in if you are actually positioned in a fire street, if you are actually positioned in an impaired vehicle parking place, as well as additionally in household vehicle parking where there is actually assigned or even paid for vehicle parking. So you cannot park in somebody’s private space on private property,” Ricks said.

That last point seems to be the caveat tripping a lot of drivers up. When parking in lots, be sure to look around and make sure spots are certainly not permitted or reserved unless you have a pass or permit to position there.

“If I have paid for my parking, then I am entitled to park there and I should not see a person’s random car in my area and then have to wait for them to be notified 24 hours? That’s unfair. So just like the case of a disabled parking space, or a fire lane or handicap space, you cannot park in somebody’s paid designated parking spot,” Ricks explained.

Some drivers have still been wrongfully towed since the law took effect. If you feel your car was removed illegally recently, there are ways to try to get your money back.

“Prior to this, there was no recourse, basically you could report it and there was no action being taken. They were just collecting data. So now, they do have some authority to act. Most tow truck companies are refunding consumers or drivers if they complain and they know they have violated the law. So just give it a little bit of time.”

Ricks is also reminding drivers they only have to pay 15% of the cost of the tow to get their vehicle back, capped at $60 if you agree to pay the full amount later. Towers also have to let car owners retrieve items out of the car upon their request, provide pictures of the tow and release a car from being towed if a person approaches them before they remove the vehicle from the property. If towers refuse to provide photographs of the tow upon request from the vehicle owner, it is presumed the tower did not have authorization to tow the vehicle.

The Public Utilities Commission is handling tow complaints for the state. It stated since the law took effect, it saw a slight uptick in weekly complaints the first week.

The commission said it typically sees two to three complaints per week but from Aug. 10 to Aug. 18, there were 32 cases or roughly four per day.

The commission is hoping to better educate the public about the new law and how the complaint process works. It typically takes them up to four weeks to review complaints and could take longer if a company is found to become in infraction.

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