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Secret Side Effects of Eating Watermelon, Says Science — Eat This Not That


Is there everything much better than consuming a fresh reduced watermelon on a very hot summertime time? Watermelon is actually infamous for taking feel-good summertime feelings. This wonderful fruit product stuffs a nourishing hit too. It is actually higher in vitamins A and C, anti-oxidants, and also is in fact a low-sugar fruit product when matched up cup-for-cup to various other exotic fruit products.

Yet, past its own dietary make-up, you might experience a few of these top secret negative effects of consuming melon. Some might also shock you!

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Watermelon is actually higher in sugar which is actually a vegetation substance in the FODMAPs type. People along with a background of digestion problems, including Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), might need to have to restrict FODMAPs so as to experience their absolute best.

Not everybody is actually at risk to FODMAPs, and also explore an eradication procedure might help you if you assume melon is actually bring about your stomach problems! 

Read extra regarding meals to prevent for IBS right here.

watermelon slices

Watermelon is actually higher in anti-oxidants that aid reduce the effects of totally free radicals in the body system. Left untreated, totally free radicals possess the capability to develop cancer tissues.

Lycopene is actually the superstar of the series right here. Typically, tomatoes take all the credit history for offering a really good resource of lycopene. Yet, melon in fact supplies almost 40% additional lycopene than uncooked tomatoes!

Antioxidants like lycopene aid battle cancer cells, ensure anti-aging, and also repair work harmed tissues in the body system.

fresh watermelon

Satiety is actually the emotion of satisfaction and also total satisfaction after a food. Finding meals that boost satiation are actually a dish for excellence when making an effort to focus on section measurements. Feeling full makes consuming effective parts easier.

One significant providing element to satiation is actually the complete amount of meals taken in. Thus, having the ability to consume a more significant amount, provides one the experience of satisfaction. Watermelon gives this perk because of its own higher water material. In various other terms, given that the fruit product is actually fairly succulent, you can easily consume additional of it for reduced complete fats when matched up to various other fruit products.


Researchers in a 2019 research posted in Nutrients discovered that consuming 2 mugs of melon every day enhanced body weight monitoring attempts by means of boosted satiation. In truth, they matched up the melon team to an isocaloric biscuit team. Meaning, the analysts supplied the 2 teams the exact same volume of fats: one team obtaining those fats coming from melon and also the various other coming from low-fat biscuits.

Research enjoy this presents that certainly not all fats are actually produced equivalent: some fats may in fact induce our company to think additional total, extra pleased, and also find yourself consuming a lot less throughout the time!

Look out for these summer months time meals to highlight in your diet plan for body weight monitoring.

watermelon from above

A current research on migraine headache induces discovered that melon could be extra inducing than various other fruit products. Researchers evaluated an assortment of fruit products consisting of melon, enthusiasm fruit product, orange, blueberry, grape, fruit, cucumber, and also papaya.

Yet, melon was actually connected with even more occurrence of migraine headaches—at times within mins of eating the fruit product! Nearly 30% of attendees experienced migraine headaches within about 90 mins of eating melon!

A previous variation of this particular write-up was actually actually posted on July 12, 2021.

Caroline Thomason, RDN

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