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Sheri Easterling: 5 Things To Know About Addison Rae’s Mom Who Is Dating Yung Gravy

sheri easterling 5 things to know about addison raes mom dating yung gravy ss ftr

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TikTok super star Addison Rae, 21, could be drawn attention from through her spectacular mom, Sheri Easterling, 42, complying with the latter’s look at the 2022 MTV Online Video Popular Music Honors. Sheri strolled the welcome mat along with her brand new partner, rap artist Yung Gravy Boat, 26. The bride and groom nuzzled as well as smooched for the video cameras, as enthusiasts were actually stunned to find such an unpredicted set crazy. Listed below’s every thing you require to understand about Sheri.

Sheri Easterling
Sheri Easterling at the 2022 MTV VMAs (Photograph: Broadimage/Shutterstock)

Sheri satisfied Yung Gravy boat online.

Yung verified just how he as well as Sheri began dating throughout a meeting on the VMAs welcome mat. “Our team satisfied online as well as our company linked as soon as possible,” the popular rap artist said to recruiter Nessa Diab. “You recognize, I’m coming from the outermost north it receives as well as she’s from the furthest south it gets. I’m into MILFs and she’s kind of the queen of MILFs, so I figured it was just the perfect match.”

She has three children.

Sheri shares daughter Addison, 21, and sons Enzo, 14, and Lucas, 8, with her estranged husband, Monty Lopez. Fans are obviously familiar with Addison, who blew up on TikTok in 2020 and is arguably the most famous person on the platform. Addison has also ventured into singing and acting and she starred in Netflix’s He’s All That, a gender-bender remake of the 1999 film She’s All That.

Sheri Easterling
Sheri Easterling and Yung Gravy (Photo: Broadimage/Shutterstock)

She was a single mom when her kids were young.

Sheri split from Monty in the early 2000s, before they got remarried in 2017. When they weren’t together, Sheri had to raise her three kids on her own. This was something Sheri and Addison discussed on a July 2020 episode of the duo’s That Was Fun? podcast. “You were a single mom for a good few years,” Addison said. “From about 3 to 6 for me, Dad wasn’t really in my life very much. I’m sure that was a personal decision on your part with Dad. You brought me to work with you all the time. That’s where I remember being all the time.”

She’s separated coming from her husband.

After getting remarried in 2017, Sheri separated from her husband Monty in 2021. Recently, a woman named Renée Ash reportedly claimed that she was in a relationship with Monty before his marriage was over. Sheri responded to the accusations about her former spouse in a message on her Instagram Story, writing, “Personal matters being brought public are always challenging as well as overwhelming for anyone involved. I will be okay. My biggest concern is -and always will be- my children and their fragile hearts and minds. I will always do my best to protect them.”

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She’s big on TikTok.

It turns out that Addison isn’t the only TikToker in her family! Sheri possesses over 14 million followers as well as posts entertaining content that her fans absolutely love. She’s trailing behind Addison that has actually over 88 thousand TikTok fans, yet Sheri still possesses a rather remarkable presenting!

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