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About Binary Calculator

What is the Binary Calculator Tool?

All computers and digital devices use binary numbers to process and store information. No matter what you see on your digital display, text, or graphics, everything is handled as 0s and 1s at the most basic level. The binary numerical system is used to represent everything you see on all digital displays.

Since binary is also a number system, you can do all kinds of arithmetic operations on binary values like the way you do on decimal values. You can add 2 binary numbers, subtract them, multiply them, and can even perform division on them.


Although learning how to do the arithmetic operations on binary values is important, it is time-consuming. If you want to speed up the process, you need to use a binary calculator tool.

This is where the Binary Calculator Online Tool by SEO Tools comes in!

You can use our free tool to process binary values in a simple, fast, and easy way. You don’t need to signup or create an account before using this binary system calculator. You can use this tool for doing different binary calculation assignments with ease.         

Why use Online Binary Calculator?

Using a binary calculator will help you save time on performing manual binary calculations. You can use this calculator for academic as well as technical purposes. When you are on a time crunch and you have to process binary values, you can use our calculators to perform the operations that you want to perform.

Aside from helping you save time; the binary calculator makes it easier for you to handle any large length of binary values. Handling large values manually is quite tough and it is difficult to get the best accuracy this way. Especially when you are dealing with a negative number in binary. But this is not the problem with this tool. You can make use of our tool to process any length of binary values that you want with ease.  

Perform Addition Subtraction Multiplication and Division with Ease

The Free Binary Calculator by SEO tools  supports a lot of arithmetic operations. You can do binary addition, multiplication and so much more with this free tool. Here are the mythical operations that you can perform using this tool

  • Addition
  • Subtraction
  • Multiplication
  • Division
  • AND
  • OR
  • NOT
  • XOR
  • Left Shift
  • Right Shift
  • Zero Fill Right Shift

Once you process numbers using this tool, you get the results in binary values, decimal, and hex numbers. You can also get decimal to binary values for your input values in this tool.