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Search for your domain name in a blacklist. Please enter an IP address or domain name below and click submit to check it against our list of popular blacklists.Use this form to find out if a list of sites or URL are in the blacklist and in which categories all in one go. This is the Blacklist Lookup, the all-in-one tool to use for checking if your site’s IP address is listed on an anti-spam database. You can find out and check that your site’s IP address is not banned on specific databases or if it is flagged by these databases. If spam hits your website, search engines also blacklist your site's IP address for security purposes. Sometimes, webmasters might not be aware that search engines have banned their website's IP. If your site is getting deindexed from search engines or if you see a decline in your organic traffic, use our Blacklist Lookup Tool to check if your website is blacklisted or not.

What is a blacklist?

As spam email is such a huge issue online, there are many sources available on the internet that publicly list known servers that send spam. These lists, commonly referred to as blacklists, are used by many email providers to help block spam emails sent to their users. A blacklist is a collection of IP addresses that are believed to distribute spam; emails from these addresses are either blocked or routed to the recipient's spam folder. Blacklists are identified by spam filters, which use set criteria to identify emails believed to be of a malicious or spammy nature. Ensuring that emails are delivered and blacklists are avoided is the first critical step to successful email marketing.

Importance of Using a Blacklist Lookup

The primary or let’s say the original use of domain blacklist check is to block mail. Most e-mail servers nowadays have DNSBL support either built in or a plug-in which allows a server administrator to block all emails from the domains or sites listed on a particular DNSBL. This could be an effort to minimize the amount of spam that users would be sent. More recently, DNSBLs have also been used as a part of spam scoring system, for instance, SpamAssassin.

How do business sites gt blacklisted?

There can be several reasons for business websites getting blacklisted.

  • If your server is relaying spam mail.
  • If spam filter sites detect a high "bounce rate."
  • If your mail servers are pumping out an unusually high volume of mail.
  • If your emails are graphic and flash animation heavy.
  • If your email attachments contain malware.