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Master's degree in copywriting

  1.  Know your market.  To sell more you need to understand what your customer wants, and to do this you need to conduct customer research into your target market.  I'll outline two excellent techniques you can use to do this later.
  2. Be clear. People have to be able to understand you, or you will lose them quickly, so good sentence structure is vital.  Be brief and don't waffle on endlessly or use long and complicated words when shorter ones would do.  The American Press Institute conducted a survey which found people had 711% better comprehension when reading shorter sentences.
  3. Get seen.  To do this you must get found either on search, or through social media.  That means you must know how to use SEO correctly so you can optimise all your content for search engines.  You must also understand the importance of hashtags and how to use the most relevant tags to boost all your content on social and on the web.
  4. Be understandable.  Make sure your grammar and spelling are top notch, which is easy to do these days as there are many great tools out there that can assist you with this aspect.
  5. Be persuasive, never pushy. You must learn how to write in a persuasive but not pushy way, as if you come on too strong you will look desperate. Desperation is the ultimate turn off if you are trying to sell something.
  6. Don't be boring. People have limited attention spans, especially online, so you need to grab their attention from the get-go with punchy sentences that make them want to keep reading.  Use a mix of short and long sentences, ask questions, and drop fun facts. 
  7. Be original. There is far too much choice out there and an ocean of content, so you need to make yours stand out, in a good way.  A great way of doing this is by adding value, and you can do this by telling people something they didn't know or making them think about things in a different way.
  8. Structure your content. Content structure is also key, no one wants to read through a jumbled, disorganised mess. Use engaging headers and sub headers to divide your content into bite sized sections that are easy on the eye, and easy to understand. Make use of numbered lists where possible as these are a superb way of adding structure to your copy.
  9.  Learn what works and what doesn't.  You can do this by observing your competitors, so look at successful brands to assess where they are going right in their content marketing, then see how you can incorporate their approach into your own content, or even improve on it.
  10. Stay relevant. It's no good using ad techniques that might have been effective in 2016 but aren't working so well anymore.  You need to know what makes customers click through or sign up now, so make sure your approach is fresh and current, and that you’re not just relying on old, out of date strategies.


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