How to Fix AdSense not counting clicks

02/26/2023 12:00 AM by SEO in Adsense

This article is about fixing of clicks issue in AdSense many publisher are facing this issue from 9 Nov and they have not find the proper way to fix this issue in AdSense but you are the lucky one who find the right solution to fix this issue permanently.

To resolve AdSense not counting clicks:

1. Check ad placement: Ensure the ad is placed in a visible location and that the ad code has not been modified.

2. Disable ad blockers: Ensure that ad blockers are not being used by you or your audience.

3. Check for ad policy violations: Make sure that the website complies with AdSense policies.

4. Verify the ad code: Ensure the ad code has been properly installed on the website and that there are no errors.

5. Check for ad fraud: Monitor for any suspicious clicks and impressions, and report them to AdSense if necessary.

6. Contact AdSense support: If the problem persists, reach out to AdSense support for further assistance.

7. Click on this contact form link Support clicks not counting contact

8. After Clicking above link you will be redirected to google support contact form page. You see this form on redirected page.

  • Enter your full Name as in AdSense
  • Enter e-mail address of affected AdSense account
  • Enter Publisher ID of your AdSense account by following these steps showed in image with details to get publisher I'd goto AdSense home page after going to home page clicks on three dots at the top page now click  Accounts> click account information> Copy Publisher ID starting with Pub-xxxxxxxxx
  • Enter your website URL e.g > https://www.xxx.xx
  • Now scroll down and Enter more details 
  • Select related Topic to your AdSense issue.
  • Enter issue starting date 
  • Copy and paste this paragraph in Section 1 
  • Paragraph : I believe that it was invalid traffic because traffic on my website was suddenly increased and I was get more clicks as compare to usually I get and the CTR was increased much more times.
  • Copy and paste this paragraph to Enter it in Section 2
  • Paragraph: 

I'm facing AdSense not counting clicks on my website all the details is given in this form and the earning is (0) after searching on google and other community forums I realize that it is because of invalid clicks. As I'm sure I haven't send any invalid or paid traffic to my website to increase my earning. So, its may be mistaken on anyone else sending invalid traffic to my website please review and solve clicks not counting on my website because my all expenses depends only on ads earning.


Thanks in Advance,


AdSense support Team

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