How to Increase Google AdSense CPC

05/06/2023 12:00 AM by Adsense in Adesnse

There are several ways to increase your earnings from AdSense, which is a program by Google that allows website owners to earn money by displaying ads on their site. Here are a few tips:

Optimize your website for AdSense: Make sure your website is well-designed and easy to navigate. This will encourage users to spend more time on your site and increase the chances that they will click on ads.

Increase traffic: The more visitors you have, the more opportunities you will have to display ads and earn revenue. You can increase traffic by promoting your website on social media, through SEO, and by creating valuable content that will attract readers.

Use high-paying keywords: Research keywords that are related to your content and that have high CPC (cost per click) values. Use these keywords in your website’s content and meta tags to attract ads that pay more.

Place ads in high-traffic areas: Place ads in prominent locations on your website where they are likely to be seen by visitors. This can include above the fold, in the sidebar, and at the end of articles.

Experiment with different ad formats: AdSense offers a variety of ad formats such as text, display, and link units. Try experimenting with different formats to see which ones perform best on your site.

Use ad link units: Ad link units are a type of ad format that allows you to place a list of links related to your content. These units can increase your click-through rate and your earnings.

Use ad targeting options: AdSense allows you to target specific demographics and interests. By targeting specific audiences, you can increase the relevance of the ads displayed on your site and increase the chances of a user clicking on them.

Monitor your earnings and performance: Regularly check your AdSense account to see how your ads are performing and make adjustments as necessary.

Please note that adsense has strict policies and you should follow them to avoid getting banned or losing your earning.

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250 High CPC Adsene Ad Network List

Hearst Digital Media $10.80

Kapanlagi $10.13 $10.11

Open Inventory $9.24

WebAds $8.71

Madhouse Mobile $8.12

CPX Interactive $7.75

Guru Media $7.41

Advertising Alliance $6.59

Compare Group $6.33

transcosmos $6.09

eHealthcare Solutions $6.06

KPI Solutions $5.70

ScaleOut $5.65

Bannerconnect $5.43

Independent Traveler $5.40

Quantcast $5.29

MediaScience $5.17
AdKnowledge $5.11
Barons Media $4.91

Specific Media $4.81

InterCLICK $4.73

Dun & Bradstreet $4.70

Advantage Media $4.45

Bridge Marketing $4.41

Belgacom $4.39

Connexity $4.32

HealthiNation $4.30

Advertising Technologies $4.28

remerge $4.19

Media Decision $4.17

Performance Advertising $4.04

AdGear $3.93

Business Ad $3.93

Cyber Communications $3.69

Motricity $3.66

TruEffect $3.60

TCS Bank $3.46

MediaMind $3.43

GroupM $3.36

Videology $3.29

SEEK Commercial $3.26

Proclivity $3.15

Advance Media $3.13
Neustar $3.11

iPromote $3.10

AdLabs $3.09

Interactive Media Sales $3.07

Technorati $3.05

Meta Network $3.02

Yandex $2.95

Adform $2.90

REA Group $2.86

Fiksu $2.84

Active Agent $2.81

StartApp $2.77

Didit $2.74

Weborama $2.74

Tremor Media $2.72

PlatformOne $2.71

Sogou $2.63

Hybrid $2.62

Downstream Marketing $2.61

PC World Communications $2.58

Digitize/Medialink – US Account $2.57

ARAnet $2.54

Unruly Media $2.51

OpenX $2.49

Outside Hub $2.45

CyberAgent $2.44

AutoScout24 $2.39

Collective Media $2.39

Media City $2.38

MediaNews Group $2.35

eMar $2.30

CarWale $2.29

Video International $2.28

Internet Brands $2.24

Undertone $2.21

Cirrus Media $2.17

Agenda Media $2.14

Decisive $2.14

Ignite Video $2.14

Twenga $2.04

AMNET $2.01

Platform ID $2.01

LookSmart $2.00

Nirvana Information $1.99

Innity $1.93

Burst Media $1.91

CBS Interactive $1.89

Tencent $1.89

Demandbase $1.88

MediaWorks $1.88

Mobile Theory $1.88

iContext $1.87

Adience $1.85

Baidu $1.84

Affinity $1.80

Inneractive $1.79

Digital Response $1.78

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