How Will Video Help SEO Ranking?

10/22/2022 12:00 AM by SEO in Seo


How Will Video Help SEO Ranking?

Are you wondering why video marketing became a powerful tool for businesses? The answer is simple — search engine optimization. Any brand or business that wants to reach a wider audience online knows how important the SEO marketing strategy is. And video content can be a key to increasing organic traffic to your website.

But how does it exactly work? Keep reading if you want to find it out. In this article, we will explain several ways of how video content helps your overall SEO ranking.

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Video Content Drives More Traffic

The amount of regular visitors to your site is one of the critical factors for Google to determine your positioning on the search results page. So, boosting traffic to your website is helpful for increasing your overall SEO. And, video content is perfect for reaching a new audience.

It is proved by many surveys that people prefer videos over any other type of content. More than 91% of internet users all over the world watch videos. By creating videos, you will drive much more traffic than by creating any other type of content.

Additionally, quality videos can drastically increase conversions. Over 88% of Wyzowl’s survey respondents said that watching a video about a certain product or service convinced them to purchase it.

Google’s Algorithms Prioritize Video Content

Although this fact is not confirmed by Google officially, many marketers agree that video content is prioritized by Google’s algorithms. By making any search query and looking at the search results page, you will notice that most pages that appear at the top of the page contain video content.

There are two main reasons that explain why Google promotes video content. The first one is based on the fact that more people prefer to view videos rather than read blog posts and articles or download manuals and e-books. Based on this, Google's algorithm just indicates pages with video content like more interesting and useful for people and positions it at the top of search results.

Another reason is that Google owns Youtube and thus, Youtube videos usually rank well in this search engine results. Although it makes sense only for Youtube videos, it still helps explain how using video marketing you can boost organic traffic. 

People Will Stay On Your Website Longer

Simple but video helps to draw attention and keep people on your website much longer. When an internet user visits a certain website, anything eye-catching, it is more likely that they will leave a site much faster. But, engaging video content can increase the average time on a page, as people simply need time to watch it. According to recent statistics, people spend 88% more time on pages that contain videos.

Why does it matter how much time visitors spend on your website? Because it is another factor that helps search engine algorithms determine the usefulness of your content for people. The longer people stay at your website, the better it is for your SEO ranking.

More Chances to Get Backlinks

Getting backlinks is also important for SEO ranking. Most search engines, including Google, see backlinks as votes for your website. When someone includes a link to your website it is a sign to the search engine that your content is valuable and worth sharing. Thus, when Google crawls your website, backlinks to certain pages are one of the factors that affect your ranking and position on the search results page.

But how do videos help with getting more backlinks? Well, as we told earlier, people love video content. And according to the survey by Wyzowl, videos are twice as likely to be shared than any other type of content. That’s why by creating videos for your business or brand, you get more chances to be linked by other people and improve your SEO ranking.

Final Thoughts

So, if you’re looking for ways to boost traffic to your website and improve your SEO strategy, consider creating video content for your product or service. This type of content becomes more and more demanded every year and more than 87% of marketers admitted that video marketing helped them to increase organic traffic.

Modern video editors allow making videos without a problem even if you’re a beginner. To create your first video, all you need is to learn some tools and techniques. For example, learn how to make picture in picture video and create creative and useful content.

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