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10/02/2022 12:00 AM by SEO in Tiktok

Have you ever heard of the OODA Loop?

It is a simple but effective four-step process that the military uses to train their soldiers in order to subdue an Aggressor.

The O stands for observing to see what's happening. Second, O stands for the Orient to orient yourself to your prior observation. D stands for deciding what your action is going to be. And the A stands for the act. Act fast.

Why am I even learning about the OODA loop? How does this military concept apply to my business and apply to me?

That's a great question. Why are you learning about the OODA Loop right now?

Well, by adhering to these four steps, you can keep your mind clear, focused, and useful in a time-sensitive, fast-paced environment. In order to optimize your chances of success on TikTok, you have to treat TikTok as a time-sensitive, fast-paced social space, because TikTok will not have this level of rapid growth over the next 24 months, nor will the TikTok ad cost stay the same. In other words, this mindset will help you keep up with the times.

It sounds suspicious, but I get it. But if you constantly reinforce the OODA Loop. Your ability to spot emerging patterns will expand your repertoire and expedite your number of choices to avoid mistakes other business owners may make. Negotiate with influencers. Or even outflank the competition in your industry. OODA Loop will empower you with a sense of security because you will become adept at avoiding and evading unforeseen TikTok obstacles that may get in your way.

Anybody who's trying to sell you a TikTok method that will solve all of your short-form video problems is most likely embellishing. Nothing is 100% risk-free. But by following these guidelines, you will significantly reduce the risk on your investments.

 The longer you can manage and navigate your TikTok voyage, the longer you can control time under stress, and the more likely you are to see long-term results.

Here are the six guidelines you should adhere to.

Number one, your job is to get on the Four You page as much as you can. TikTok's Four You Page presents a stream of videos curated to each user's interest, making it easy for a user to find content and creators they love.

There are a billion four you feed tailored to what each other's users watch, likes, and share.

In July 2019, TikTok said this feed is powered by a recommendation system that delivers each content to each user that is likely to give interest to that particular user, and several factors impact that recommendation. Factors such as the number of likes, shares, comments, who you follow, caption, sounds, device type, anything, country, language, and setting.

Long story short, all these factors are processed by TikTok's recommendation system and weighted based on their importance to the user.

For example, a strong indicator of interest, such as whether the user finishes watching a longer video from beginning to end, would receive greater weight than a weak indicator, such as whether the video's viewer and creator are both in the same country.

The more times you can consistently pop up on somebody's TikTok for you page indicates to the algorithm that your videos are enticing people to stay on the platform longer. They stay on the platform because of you.

For example, watch your videos not once, but four times in a row.

More, your videos get pushed out to an even larger audience.

Unlike Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat, TikTok is both an educational and entertainment platform. You need to incorporate aspects of both into your short-form vertical videos in order to maximize your chances of getting views, leads, and eventually sales. If your videos only focus on education or if your videos only focused on entertainment, you won't be maximizing your chances of getting the most amount of views on your content. You need both.

Now, the third TikTok guideline you should follow is adhering to the length of your videos, or rather the length of the videos that will maximize your potential. I suggest you focus on two types of content - content under 20 seconds, which will allow you to reel your potential customers in, and it appeals to their short attention spans. And once you have them hooked, I suggest you start experimenting with one to one and a half minute content pieces to really hammer them down with value. Your job at the end of the day is to steal your potential customer's attention away from other creators.

But in order to do so, you need to be extremely tactical about it.

The fourth guideline focuses on content type. The most important skill that you can implement into your content type videos, or rather what content type is probably going to get you the most return on your investment, is storytelling content. Your videos from start to finish should be extremely engaging. Paint a picture in your viewer's mind, and the only way to really do that is to tell a story.

I'm going to show you one example of this. Let's say I am talking to a client and explaining a certain aspect of TikTok or a certain social media tool that can help them. It may look something like this.

- Have you ever heard of Cap cut?

- No, why?

- Because you were recently telling me about how it's taking you way too long to edit videos.

- I'm going to try that. I'm going to try that. But have you ever used it before with your other clients?


So one-time disclaimer, I would also be changing my shirt and making myself look like a different person if I were making this a TikTok right now.

We change the perspective of the camera to make it actually look like somebody is talking, or I'm talking to my client.

But essentially, that kind of organic communication is just another form of storytelling that engages your TikTok viewers even more

And if you notice across all the different TikTok niches, popular, the least popular storytelling content is everywhere. And I mean everywhere.


Five when it comes to finishing your videos, just like in any other type of digital marketing funnel, be it email, copy, or website design, you need to have a single CTA at the end of your videos. So after your viewers are done watching and engaging with your beautiful, crafty, entertaining, educational content, they might be a little disoriented. A single CTA orients your potential customers viewing your videos.

Step two in the OODA loop, that single CTA after it orients them, will push them towards an actual action. Here are a bunch of examples.

Number six is probably the most important guideline to follow in terms of risk management.

If there's ever a day where you feel like you just can't post the TikTok simply because you were unprepared, or maybe you just don't have any good ideas, posting something controversial will 100% stir up some emotions. But keep in mind, you want to steer away from anything too controversial. And by too controversial, I mean don't get canceled.

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