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About Change Text Case

An Easy Way To Change Uppercase to Lowercase And Title Capitalization

Have you ever typed out a document, made a few capitalization mistakes and wished you won't have to waste much time editing? It happens a lot, and if you are using a typical word processing tool, you will have your mistakes autocorrected as you type, but those kinds of software only correct grammatical errors. If you have to capitalize on a whole portion, you will need to do it manually. And that takes time. However, with an online text transforming tool like ours, you can easily transform the case of your texts. All you have to do is copy and paste your text, then select the case you want to transform it to.

The Change Uppercase to Lowercase Tool is one of several SEO tools available on our site. It is an online text Converter that can receive both upper cases and lower case letters as input and do a text transform on them into desired cases.

There are so many situations where we have to capitalize only first word. For example, In a list of hundred of names of people, it is a quite difficult to capitalise every single name manually. Then the person uses this tool to solve this problem very easily. Also in article writing we have to use this for capitalisation in every sentence. 

It is easy to use and time-saving tool. We can use text case by the following general steps, first we have to select the text then click the change text tool. Select the option according to the requirement. The selected text change into our choice. 

You can find change text case in Excel worksheet, Word, Photoshop, Google sheet, PowerPoint. It is helpful in all these software to make the text practical and reasonable. 

General features and uses of change text case are summarized below:

  • Sentence case is an option by which you can capitalize the first letter of each sentence of the selected text. 
  • Uppercase is the option, which is used for capitalization. In the selected text you can capitalise each letter. 
  • Lowercase is an option that makes every selected letter in small alphabetical order. The title case is a choice of capitalizing only the first letter of each word. By title case, the selected text has the first letter capitalized. 
  • Toggle case is the reverse process of changing lowercase to uppercase and uppercase into lowercase. It means that the selected text converts into uppercase if it is in lowercase and vice versa.

In daily routine work, we are using many no of the English sentences. Same time it required upper and lower if a few no of a sentence we can easily write upper and lower as per requirement. But if many no of a sentence we used to change it required tool. So small SEO tool provides this facility by which you can change the no of sentence case .Change text case is a changing text case of any English sentence into upper case, lower case, alternate case, capitalized case.