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About Check GZIP compression

GZIP is one of the most popular forms of data compression, which takes a considerable amount of data and makes it smaller. You can also restore the original data by un-zipping a compressed file.

What is GZIP Compression

GZIP is a file format and application used to compress HTTP content before it’s sent to a client. The process can be used to shrink the size of the data up to 50%. The page load time will be improved, and bandwidth consumption would be decreased due to this GZIP compression.

GZIP can support many file formats, including:

  • .gz – denotes the file extension of GZIP files.
  • .tar– A form used to store various archive files, not to compress data. GZIP can be used to shrink .tar files.
  • .tgz, .tar.gz, .gz file – GZIP file can compress all these file formats efficiently.

Test GZIP Compression: Is Gzip Enabled On Your Website

In recent times, GZIP Compression has become the de-facto standard for many sites to upload compressed versions of files on web hosting servers. It was developed for the ease of website owners to make the process swifter for them. In this regard, the browsers are working to manage the compressed files and decompress them to display for the users.

Nowadays, websites are swamped with visual, graphic, audio, textual, and video content. It becomes difficult for the browsers to load the content in a matter of seconds if the files are not in compressed format. These files handle large chunks of files and let the server use less bandwidth and space. It ultimately leads to less burden on the server.

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