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About Disavow File Generator

What is a Backlink?

Backlink an external link pointing to your site from any other domain. The entire internet works based on backlinks that connects one domain to another. Without backlinks, you probably struck into a single site and your information will be limited. In addition, it is not possible for single site owner to provide all necessary details on a topic. Therefore, it is encouraged to link to creditble source so that readers on your site can get the compelte information they need.

What is Disavow File?

Backlinks are good and determine the search engine ranking position of a webpage. The page with more backlinks will rank top in Google compared to a new page with lesser backlink profile. Unfortunately, this is not the end of story. The problem with backlinks is that they are out of your control. It is good when you have backlinks from high authority domains. However, it is also equally bad to have backlinks from spam websites. Sometimes, competitors can link your site in a spam site to reduce your search engine ranking. In all bad situations, you can reach out to the site owner and ask them to remove your site's link. If it is not working with email communication then the only option for you is to inform search engines to ignore the spammy links.

Here comes the use of disavow file which is a simple text file containing all spmmay backlinks to your site. You can submit this file to Google and Bing so that they will ignore the links in the file when using the algorithm for deriving search ranking.

You can provide all your bad and low quality backlinks one per line in the tool and click on "Create Disavow File" button. The tool will instantly generate the disavow file and automatically download to your computer.

  • You can enter individual URL for disavowing
  • Also, you can disavow the complete domain name

Below is an example disavow file content for ignoring URL and domain. Use # sign for adding comments in the file.

# Remove individual Link


# Remove domain

domain junk-website.com


The next step is to submit your disavow file to Google and Bing search engines. In order to submit to Google, you need to have a Google Search Console account and verified your site as a owner. Similarly for Bing, you should have a verified site in Bing Webmaster Tools account. Checkout our articles on submitting disavow file to Google and . Generally, the submitted file is valid for 90 days and then you need to resubmit the file again to ignore the backlinks.

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