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About Bulk Email Validator

About Bulk Email Validator


Email marketing is one of the best ways of promoting any business online. This can increase your reach and there are more chances that you will get a positive response from the other side. Email marketing can help your business to flourish and grow within a very few time. There are other ways also that increase your business but email marketing is one of the best and most traditional methods of expanding your business and reaching a wide audience within seconds.


Email marketing can bring 100% return to your investment and it opens new lines to your business which can help you in long term. But to make email marketing work in your favor you need to make sure that you are using this in a proper manner because if you are not using this in a proper manner you will end up wasting your valuable time which will not give you the required results.


Thus, it is important that your email list is clean and deliverable. Today we are going to talk about a tool with the help of which you can connect with anyone through email without any hassle. We are talking about the tool Bulk Email Validator. This tool helps in validating your email addresses in seconds. In today’s article, we will help you understand the concept of email validation.


We will talk about the Bulk Email Validator tool, its uses, and its importance. We will also tell you the process of using this tool so that you don’t end up sending emails to any wrong person and to help you increase your business by providing you proper guidance on Bulk Email Validation.


What is the Bulk Email Validator?


Before knowing the process of using the Bulk Email Validator tool we must first know what is the meaning of this tool. Bulk Email Validator is a tool that ensures that email addresses are safe, secure, and valid. This tool makes sure the email addresses are deliverable. This helps in checking whether the emails we are targeting are wrong or right which means they exist or not. 


This information is essential so that we don’t end up sending emails to the wrong email address or an address that has no destination or does not belong to anyone. One thing that this tool does not tell you is who are the owners of the email addresses. It will keep the privacy of the email account holders safe with itself. The email address can belong to a person or to a bot. 


We all must have come across a situation where we wanted to send an email but we are unable to do that and in return, we receive a message saying that the message is undeliverable to the following email address. There can be many reasons for this. One of them can be a mistake in the formatting of the email address, or it can also happen that the email address does not exist. But there can be some other problem as well which we are unaware of. 


Bulk Email Validator will ensure that the email addresses that you are targeting or using are valid or not. If they are not it will tell you in advance so that you can cross-check the addresses list or remove those email addresses which are invalid. 


This will help you in saving you time and energy because if you start checking this manually, you will end up wasting your valuable time and the result will be less accurate as there are chances of manual mistakes but this is not the case with this tool. This tool will provide you instant results within a fraction of a second. This tool is very amazing and provides results very quickly.


Why should we use Bulk Email Validator?


There are various reasons that help us when we use the Bulk Email Validator tool in our work. It makes our work easy and light. To know about the benefits of this tool let us discuss some points which work n this tool’s favor.


Reduces the cost of emailing 


This tool is very beneficial in saving the cost of emailing as it saves you to send emails to invalid email addresses which can increase the cost of your work. This will save you cost, even if you prefer to do email validation in-house. This tool is very efficient and helps you increase your profit margin by minimizing the cost of emailing.


Provides accuracy and reliability


This tool has won the trust of the users many times as it provides accurate results in a very less time. This tool is trustworthy and one can always rely on this tool while working on an important project. If you manually evaluate the accuracy of the email addresses provided to you then you might end up getting a few wrong results as it is difficult to analyze each and every email address cautiously but with this tool, it can be done very easily and smoothly.


Increases image and reduces the bounce rate


This tool indeed helps in reducing the bounce rate. Generally, a bounce rate that is less than 2% is considered acceptable. In case you have a high bounce rate, then your internet service provider might reject your email. This can cause huge harm to your brand image and ultimately your business. Using this tool will help you build the reputation of your business and reduce the bounce rate. 


Increase in email marketing ROI


Validating your email addresses will help you in saving your time and resources for you. It will help you in sending emails to spam email addresses that reduce your brand image in the market. It also boosts your email marketing. Sending wrong or ineffective emails will never work in your favor but if you are validating them then you are making sure that the emails are going to the real person. This increases your revenue, and brand exposure and boosts sales.


How to use Bulk Email Validator?


Now, we will tell you the process of using the Bulk Email Validator tool so that you can easily validate your email addresses very easily. This tool is very easy to use and understand. This tool is designed in such a way that it makes it very handy and user-friendly. If you are using this tool first time, you can work on this tool very easily and smoothly. 


It is a very non-complicated process and allows its users to make the most out of this tool. To learn about the process of using this tool in detail please follow the steps given below in detail. 


  • First of all, you need to open a website that allows the Bulk Email Validator tool facility to its users.
  • Once you find the website, you have to open it and look for the Bulk Email Validator option and click on that to get started.
  • After this, you will find a box. In this box, you have to enter the email addresses which you want to validate. Here you can add up to 20 email addresses at a time and validate more email addresses you can do this after this gets validated. 
  • One thing that needs to keep in mind is that all the email addresses that you are going to write here should be written in a separate line each. 
  • Once you have entered the email addresses in the space provided, you need to click on the ‘Submit’ option.
  • When you do that, the system will start working itself and it will give you the results as soon as possible.
  • This tool will give you the results in a fraction of a second, in the outcome you will be able to view the status of your email addresses. 
  • This will help you that the email address to which you are referring is valid or not. In case you find any email address which is invalid, then you can remove that email address from your email list. 
  • To save the result you can click on the options ‘Export as CSV’ and ‘Export as Text’ whichever you like.
  • To try other email addresses for validation you can click on the ‘Try New List’ option and start with the above process again.


Benefits of Bulk Email Validator?


This Bulk Email Validator is free to use and improves email marketing in many ways. There are various advantages of using the Bulk Email Validator tool. It will help businesses and individuals in finding out whether an email address is valid or invalid. This tool provides safety to people by analyzing the safety of email addresses so that it can not be dangerous for people and businesses.


This tool provides the best services and ensures the safety of the data provided by the users. This tool never saves the email addresses added by you to check the email validation. Along with this, it never sends spam emails to the input email addresses. One can rely on this tool blindfolded.


This tool ensures that the email addresses in an email list are deliverable. This is one of the quickest methods to determine the deliverability of an email address with the help of the Bulk Email Validator tool. This tool will verify whether the provided email addresses are real or fake.


Anyone can trust this tool with 99% accuracy. It will give the best results as compared to the results by doing manually. This will check the syntax of the sender’s email address with the norms of a valid email address. This tool will tell you whether an email address is genuine or not. 


One of the biggest advantages of using this tool is that it can be used free of cost by its users. It will help you know the validity of an email address free of cost. You can validate a large number of email addresses in bulk quantity from this tool. With this tool, you can validate upmost 20 email addresses at a time and up to 200 email addresses in one day.


What are spam-trap emails?


Spam trap emails are not good for a website as these are usually created to spam the system of the user and not for communication purposes. The sender of the emails should always be careful of these email addresses. If anyone tries to send an email to such kind of email address then it will be immediately considered unsolicited. The spam trap means to catch the spam in the same way the trap is made to catch the animals.