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About Flag Counter

Flag counter is a simple tool that actually requires ‘images’ to work with. That is the only compulsion that is applicable on a flag counter tool. The rest is a very simple process, therefore, using a flag counting tool is rather easy.

Using the flag counter tool

There are several tools these days that are available for use to produce quality content, increase traffic drive and encourage the audience engagement. However, flag tool is probably the least popular and least known about tool out of all the available tools. Since it is not much popular, therefore, this tool is believed to be very difficult and hard to use as well. However, such is not the case. Getting affiliated and hands-on with using the flag counter tool is rather easy. The only thing that is required to get this tool working on your web page or website is the presence of images or graphics on the website. This is the only condition that is applicable to get the tool working. Without images or graphics available, the tool will not work for your website. So if you want the tool to work for you, make sure you have a few images present in on your web page or site as well. 

Understanding your widget code to get started

The presence of images or graphics on websites or web pages is what makes the flag counter working for you. If you have images then you won’t have to waste any time to get started. The basic most way to get started with using this tool is to begin using widget codes. There are two categories of widget flag counter codes that are used by the users. The categories for the codes are

  • HTML - This code is designed and used for websites and blogs
  • BB Code - This code is used for message boards and forums

How is the widget codes used?

It is relatively easy to use the widget code. The links for each code will be available with your online flag counter tool. The best way to use these codes is to copy the links and paste them over your website’s source code. As soon as you paste the widget code over your websites’ code source, the flag counter image will appear on your site or web page. This is the image of the flag that has been selected by you to be used over your website or web pages’ source code.  

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