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About HTML Compressor

Free online tool compress HTML code by removing line breaks, tabs and extra spaces. Results in highly compressed HTML. Speed up your web pages. Safely reduce the size of your html code, javascript and css files, make your websites load faster, reduce mobile transfer costs. The online HTML Compressor is used to compress HTML code by removing unnecessary white spaces, line breaks, tabs and other extra objects. Results in highly compressed HTML. The tool also shows the savings you got by compressing your HTML. HTML CSS Javascript minimizer compressor online: minify, optimize and protect instantly your code in one click. Safely reduce the size of your html code, javascript and css files, make your websites load faster, reduce mobile transfer costs and optimize storage on embed systems.

You simply have to copy/paste your HTML code into the blank space and click on "Submit". Within a few seconds, your compressed HTML file will be generated. You can also upload up to 10 HTML files from your computer, and then compress them. Each file can be up to 10 MB in size, allowing you to compress a large volume of HTML data. The great thing about this tool is that it is completely free to use. It is also very fast and efficient and will generate your compressed, accurate HTML file in absolutely no time. So what are you waiting for? Use this tool for yourself and see how amazing it is.

What is HTML?

HTML is a computer language devised to allow website creation. These websites can then be viewed by anyone else connected to the Internet. It is relatively easy to learn, with the basics being accessible to most people in one sitting; and quite powerful in what it allows you to create. It is constantly undergoing revision and evolution to meet the demands and requirements of the growing Internet audience under the direction of the W3C, the organisation charged with designing and maintaining the language.

Why Should You Minify HTML?

If you have ever grasped your site’s HTML code markup with critical eyes and noticed how crude and sloppy it actually appears, then you certainly need an online HTML minifier tool and use it for deleting those messy markups with the aim of beautifying HTML. Furthermore, HTML Minify tool will help you in boosting up download time.

Why HTML Need to be Compressed?

Well as we know that normally HTML files are bulky large in size, which results in downgrading website loading speed, because if html size is large it will take more time to load on user end, beside this it will also consume more bandwidth of user as well as server.So too boost webpage loading speed its highly recommended to compress webpages so that they become light and quickly sent to user end for loading, which will save server bandwidth and user end bandwidth.