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About Mobile Friendly Test

Mobile Friendly Test is a tool that allows you to easily carry out a mobile site test telling about a website’s score in terms of mobile responsiveness. Just like Google mobile friendly test, the tool is inspired to calculate the score that Google does.

In the last few years, Google has put a penalty on many sites that offer poor experience to mobile users. Later on, it was confirmed that Google mobile friendly test is also a part of the overall ranking criteria. Since the number of users accessing the websites from mobile phones is increasing tremendously, it is, therefore, essential to make certain that website is responsive and provides a quality user experience to mobile users.

For a website mobile test, there are many tools easily available on the internet. You can use one of these mobile site test tools to run a website mobile test. The test score will help you to have an idea of if your website is providing a good experience for mobile users or not.

If you are a webmaster, the first step should always be the certainty that the website falls into the mobile friendly category and showing good results in the mobile responsive test. Nowadays, Google gives much importance to the websites that take relatively less time to load and look good on all the device including desktop, tablet, and mobile. By making a website mobile-friendly, you will not only satisfy your users, but you will also see a remarkable improvement in your search engine ranking.

Use Google mobile friendly test to check your website’s mobile-friendly score and see where your website stands. If the results are not very promising, then don’t be disappointed because it’s never too late to start making it right.