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About Remove Duplicate Lines

Simply paste text from any file into the empty box below and let this amazing tool remove all duplicate lines from your text.

This duplicate lines remover tool by SEO Tool compares all lines in your text and removes all the identical or matching lines. The whole process is super fast and you are provided with a newly cleaned unique text into a matter of seconds only. The processed text can then directly be saved into your pc in unix or dos format as you prefer.

You can paste tons of text to get your duplicate lines removed quickly and without any manual work.

Remove Duplicate Lines Tool

Just paste the text here and click on 'Remove Duplicate Lines'. Our free SEO tool will delete all the duplicate lines in the blink of an eye! You can also save the generated .txt file directly on your computer.

Properly reading a text file and checking for duplicate lines or lines that are repeated several times in the text, can be a time consuming and difficult task. SEO Tool has created an incredible tool named 'Remove Duplicate Lines' which quickly removes all the duplicate lines in a matter of seconds only.