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About Social Stats Checker

Social Status Checker or Social Media Counter is a social analytics tool that displays the performance of a blog or web page on popular social networking sites.This social counter serves as an excellent marketing tool.

We all love sharing useful content with our friends and family on Facebook or Twitter. However, do you know which social network is leading when it comes to a specific blog or website and which types of blogs or posts are being shared the most?

Social Media Counter helps you greatly to know which of your valuable content or post is being liked, shared, tweeted, and pinned the most. So you can have a clear-cut idea of the content that performs well. Following the results, you can produce more content like that which serves as the key to success.

The social counter tool helps you recognize your presence on the social media. It generates a report of your social media stats to tell you how many social signals you have got and how strong is your presence. This is a free and handy tool that gives you the social signals details in a nicely organized manner.

Why is Social Status Checker Important?

If you aim to reach a global audience and generate massive traffic to your blog or website, then you must first work on your presence on social media. You should regularly use a social media counter, to know how well you are doing on social media and where you require more improvement.

The social counter is also helpful if you want to assess the websites of your competitors. This will let you understand about the social media presence of your competitor. Later, you can use this valuable information to make sure that you have more social signals than your competitor and boost the ranking. With proper SEO and more social signals, you can push ahead of your competitors.

By adjusting and combining your effort with SEO and social media, you can generate traffic to your blog or website, and the most straightforward and efficient tool that can help in that is the Social Counter. Many social media counter tools are freely available on the internet, requiring no registration or installation.

Social Status Checker by Social Status Checker

Social status checker or social media checker offered by  SEO Tools is a handy tool that will assist you in tracking and analyzing your social networking statistics. By learning about these metrics, you can adjust your SEO efforts accordingly and social media campaigns which will benefit greatly at least regarding visits, click-through rates, and conversions. If you want to use a simple yet efficient tool to track social media statistics, do not think twice before using the social share count or social counter tool. This tool can assess social media data that will enable you to figure out in which social networking websites you are doing well and in which ones you need to put more effort.