Urdu Typing Tool

a ا b ب
p پ t ت
T ٹ C ث
j ج c چ
H ح K خ
d د D ڈ
Z ذ r ر
R ڑ z ز
X ژ s س
x ش S ص
J ض v ط
V ظ e ع
G غ f ف
q ق k ک
g گ l ل
m م n ن
w و o ہ
h ھ u ء
i ی y ے

About Urdu Typing Tool

With the help of this free online Urdu keyword, you can easily write in the Urdu language. If you don't know how to type Urdu words using the keyboard, then don't panic as we have installed a unique feature through which you can select Urdu alphabets using a mouse.

Unlike others, our tool is user-friendly and requires no downloading or registration. Use Urdu Typing Tool anywhere and anytime on the web!

Latest computers, tablets, and laptops are equipped with English Keyboards thus making it tough for Urdu writers to produce Urdu content. But now you don't need to buy an additional Urdu Keyboard because this Urdu typing tool by STS offers everything you want.