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About Website Hit Counter

There are countless websites, some are better than the others while some are still struggling. The question is that how do we get to know that which website is doing well, having a visibly solid reputation. Now you must be thinking that there must be some sort of criteria for judging that and you are certainly right.

Monitor your website traffic with this Visitor Counter. 

With each passing moment, many websites are being uploaded and launched on the internet. Some are doing very well in the search engines while others are still struggling with SEO.

You might be wondering how we can identify which websites are performing well in the search results. It is very important for a website to build credibility on the web as a reliable source of information or service. The search engine spiders crawl on every web page and index them to what is relevant for every search query.

Website traffic is another thing that most websites take into consideration because it plays a major component in search engine optimization. Aside from being credited by search engines, website visitors bring revenues to a website especially for online shops and other websites that are used for marketing purposes.

This Visitor Counter is a must have for small business websites, old websites, or newly launched websites that are likely to require a boost in website visitors.

This free website visitor calculator is an online tool that would show how many visitors are visiting a particular website or a web page. For every new visitor that visits the website or web page, the calculator will also add one more number. You can choose from different styles which allows you to customize your own visitor counter that will suit your theme or web design.