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(MEVN Stack) build a PWA & Machine Learning E-Commerce APP

MEVN Stack build a PWA amp Machine Learning E Commerce APP

Build (PWA & Machine Learning) Shopping Cart APPLICATION Using Vue Vuex Node Express MongoDB Brain.js (system & combination) examination

What you are going to discover

Build Amazing And Smart Full Stack Shopping Cart Application Using Vue Node Express MongoDB Brain JS From Scratch

Use mind JS along with Express To Create a Smart Machine Learning Back-edge API

Convert your App to a Progressive Web App | permit your application capable to Setup as well as Work as Native mobile phone applications on various mobile phone formulates

Write (system & combination) examination To your App

Build a Professional Admin Dashboard From Scratch

Create REMAINDER API making use of Express

Set up Authentication as well as Authorization consumer & Admins Accounts

Use Animation along with VUE JS To Animate Your Page Element

Use as well as Learn Chart JS as well as Vue-Chart as well as Create a Reactive Analysis Charting Template

Learn just how to submit photo to your application

Use VUEX to Create a Store Data

Deploying application to Heroku


Do you wish to end up being a MEVN Stack Developer ?

Do you wish to develop scalable, high-performance Full Stack Web App Using VUE Node Express MongoDB  Framework’s ?

Do you wish to Learn How to turn your applications to A dynamic internet application And create it Mobile Friendly Work Just like the

Native Applications

Do you wish to Learn How to Add A contact of The  Artificial knowledge innovations To your Node Applications  To provide your application consumers

Great UX

Do you wish to Learn How To Start Writing Automated Test To your EspressoScript ( NODULE & VUE ) Code prior to release

Then you reside in the correct area.

This training program will definitely help you in creating a full-stack application making use of VUE Node Express MongoDB Brain structures. You’ll develop

(MEVN Stack) develop an PWA & Machine Learning E-Commerce APPLICATION

You Will Learn How To Test Your Code

You Will Learn How To Build A Complete Restful API

Your Will discover How To Convert (HTML & CSS) App To A VUE JS App ..

Your Will discover How To  Combine Vue Vuex As a Front-end along with Express MongoDB As a back-end 

Along the method you are going to discover to accomplish the very same point in various as well as basic means

This training program takes you on an end-to-end quest, property on your standard abilities as well as taking you to sophisticated capability instantly along with MEVN Stack while releasing enriched internet applications to a manufacturing setting.

foreign language




2 Tools & Environment

1 Git
2 NodeJS & Vue Cli
3 Setup MongoDB Server & compass

3 ( Vue & Vuex ) FrontSide

1 Create Vue App Using Vue Cli
2 Add Some Packages to The application
3 Start making use of Router
4 Add Html Css codes to Main
5 Loop the products inside Main
6 PageCountry NextPrev Buttons Main
7 PageCountry Page Main
8 Add Categories Component to Main
9 Use Filters In Main
10 Specific product Component
11 Create Vuex Store
12 Add Vue devTool
thirteen Vuex Products Module Part 1
14 Vuex Products Module Part 2
15 Using Vuex inside Specific Item Component
16 Using Vuex inside Main Component
17 Vuex Create Categories Module
18 Using Categories Vuex Module in Categories Component
19 Using Categories Vuex Module in Specific Item Component
twenty Create Header Added To Project
21 Create Cart Component Added To Header
22 Create Cart Store Module Part 1
23 Create Cart Store Module Part 2
24 Fix Bug
25 Using Cart Stroe inside Main Component
26 Add as well as Remove Item From Cart Main Component
27 Using Cart Store inside Specific Item Component
28 Using Cart Store inside Cart Component Part 1
29 Using Cart Store inside Cart Component Part 2
30 Using Cart Store inside Cart Component Part 3
31 Using Cart Store inside Cart Component Part 4
32 Create Authentication Store Module
thirty three Create UserActivity Store Module
34 Create Sugprod Component Part 1
35 Create Sugprod Component Part 2
36 Sugprod Component Animation
37 Create LoginReigester Component
38 Create UserProfile Component
39 Search
40 Protected Routes
41 Admin Component Part 1
42 Admin Component Part 2
43 Admin Component Animation
44 Create Users Store Module
forty five Admin Users Component
46 Create PageCountry Store And Use it inside Users Component
47 Add Some Action to Categories Store Module
48 Worked on Categories Admin Component
49 Add Some Action to Products Store Module
fifty Worked on Products Admin Component Setup Script
51 Worked on Products Admin Component Show Mode
52 Worked on Products Admin Component Edit Mode
53 Fix bug
54 Worked on Products Admin Component Add New Product
55 Worked on Products Admin Component Add Pagination
56 Chart Component
57 Using UserActivity


0 graphics
2 develop Our App
3 Manifest File
4 Service Worker
5 Get Ready And Deploy
6 Android tool Test

5 App Backend ( Express & MongoDB )

0 Final code
1 Get Started
2 Categories API Model
3 Categories API Routes Operations Part 1
4 Categories API Routes Operations Part 2
5 Products API Model
6 Create Products Routes
7 Products API Routes Add New Product
8 Products API Routes Edit One Product
9 Products API Routes Get One And Many Products
10 Products API Routes Get By Page Number And Delete Product
11 Images upload
12 User API Model
thirteen User API Routes Add User
14 Auth API Routes
15 Auth And Admin Middlewares
16 User API Use Token And Get User Data
17 User API Update User Data And Users Role And Delete
18 Using Middlewares On diffrent Places
19 Search API Model
twenty Search Routes

6 Machine Learning

artificial intelligence instances Code
1 Intro To Brain JS
2 Counter Example
3 Color Example
4 Simple Example
5 Strings Example
6 Name Example
7 App-Models
8 App-Add Machine Learning Route
9 App-Fix Bugs
10 App Search ML Part I
11 App Search ML Part II Training records
12 App Search ML Part III Run ML
thirteen App Search ML Part IIII Save Data
14 App Products ML Part I
15 App Products ML Part II Start Handling The Routes
16 App Products ML Part III Final
17 App Exercise Selution
18 App Get The products That consumer May Like

7 Refactor BackSide Code

0 Refactor_Code
1 well-maintained Up mark component 1
2 well-maintained Up mark Part 2 Routes
3 Test App
4 unHandling Errors And Rejections

8 combine_FrontEnd_with_Backend

! quite essential Note
Source Code
1 Authentication Store Modules
2 Categories Store Modules
3 Products Store Modules
4 UserActivity Store Modules
5 Users Store Modules
6 Test App
7 Home Main Component Part 1
8 Home Main Component Part 2
9 Home Categories Component
10 Home Sugproducts Component
11 Cart
12 LoginRegister
thirteen Fix Bug
14 Search Component
15 Specific Item Component
16 repair Bug
17 User Profile Component
18 User Profile Component Part 2
19 User Profile Deleted User Part 3
twenty Admin CONSUMERS
21 Admin Categories
22 Admin Products Part 1 – MainProd
23 Admin Products Part 2 – AddNew
24 Admin Products Part 3 – ProdList
25 Admin Products Part 4 – EditProd
26 Admin Products Part 5 – EditProd Del
27 repair Bug

9 Create Another Server

Source Code
2 CreateServer

10 Automated ( Unit & Integration ) Testing

1 introduction
2 Numbers
3 Strings
4 Objects
5 Exceptions
6 Arrays
7 MockFunctions
8 Get App Backend Ready
9 App-backend UnitTest Auth Middleware
10 App-backend UnitTest User Model
11 App-backend combinationTest User Middlware
12 App-backend Integration Test Categories Route COMPONENT I
thirteen App-backend Integration Test Categories Route COMPONENT II
14 App-backend Integration Test Categories Route COMPONENT III
15 APPLICATION-FrontSide Setup TestTools
16 APPLICATION-FrontSide systemTest First Test
17 APPLICATION-FrontSide systemTest Route Path
18 APPLICATION-FrontSide systemTest Login Method
19 APPLICATION-FrontSide systemTest Register Method

11 release

1 collectionUp mongodb atlas
2 deploy Machine discovering Server
3 Get Frontend Ready
4 Final Operation

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