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The Complete Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Master Class!

The Complete Enterprise Risk Management ERM Master Class

Your Real detailed resource to ISO 31000 & COSO Framework! Finally, ERM streamlined & tricks found.

What you will definitely discover

Enterprise Risk Management

Crisis Management

Business Strategies


There was actually an inappropriate usual thought and feelings that “Risk Management” is actually a second task or even feature as well as certainly not that necessary. Believers as well as fans of that college made use of to mention that corporates ought to center their effort and time on revenue-generating tasks merely. In their perspectives, those tasks that need to have to become offered a lot of value are actually:

Sales, Logistics, Marketing as well as Finance certainly not Risk Management. In the final twenty years, our team have actually observed lots of situation as well as threats that created lots of significant as well as widely known business declare bankruptcy as well as disappear coming from our organization planet because of shortage of Enterprise threat administration. Those plunging threats as well as situation as well as their influence on organizations transformed the desk on the fans of the aged though.

Did you read about a business gotten in touch with Kodak?

Kodak controlled the Photography organization for as long as well as it was actually creating the movies for the aged electronic cameras. Its movies were actually the absolute most widely known as well as depended on ones with all workshops all around the planet. New electronic electronic cameras were actually presented available which was actually a terrific competitors “RISK” to “KODAK”. Kodak forgotten that threat as they weren’t experienced along with Risk Management.

Guess what was actually the outcome?????

Kodak is actually certainly not existing anymore after controling the entire planet!

I wager you are actually none of those folks that made use of to mention that “Risk Management” is actually trivial, that’s why you are actually assessing my training program at the moment!

Congrats, you perform the ideal pathway to guard as well as safeguard your provider’s properties as well as functions!

That training program is going to educate you the entire pattern of Enterprise Risk Management bit by bit!


Topics Covered are actually:

– Nature as well as Causes of Risk

– Risk kinds

– Risk hunger & mindsets

– Importance & Effectiveness of ERM

– ISO 31000

– COSO Framework

– Setting the situation of ERM

– Risk recognition / Event recognition

– Risk analysis, Mapping, Analysis & Evaluation

– Risk Treatment, Actions & tactics

– Risk Communication as well as Reporting

– Monitoring, Reviewing & Documenting ERM

– Role of Insurance Companies in ERM

– ERM Information Systems & Software

– Credit Rating Agencies

-Real lifestyle ERM instances


I wish you will definitely delight in the training program as well as can’t hang around to begin that adventure along with you!


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Table of Contents
Course Introduction
Tutor Introduction
What You Expect Out of this particular Course
Nature as well as Causes of threats
Nature of threat
Natural source of threats
Competition Causes
Change in Demand for the Product
Human Causes of Business Risk
Change in Government Policies
Mismanagement Causes
Cash Flow Causes
Employee-Related Issues
Risk Types
Introduction to Risk Types
Strategic Risk – (Kodak & Xerox)
Compliance Risk
Operational Risk
Financial Risk
Reputational Risk
Security as well as Fraud Risk
Economic Risk
Competition Risk
Physical Risk
Human Risk
Quick Wins
Don’t completely remove threat
Residual Risk as well as ALARP Concept
An emergency program
The market place
Financing to begin or even proceed a task
Labor conflicts
Case Scenario – Risks
Risk Appetites & Attitudes
How Much Risk is actually also Much Risk?
Risk Appetite
Risk Attitudes
Covid-19 is actually transforming our Business!
Importance & Effectiveness of ERM
Importance of ERM
Effectivness of ERM
Let’s Communicate as well as converged!
Setting the situation of ERM
Let’s begin the effort
ISO 31000 Framework
COSO Framework
First Assessment
Risk Identification / Event Identification
What is actually Risk Identification?
How to Identify Risks?
Hazard as well as Operability (HAZOP)
Risk Assessment, Mapping, Analysis & Evaluation
What is actually Risk Analysis?
Sources of Information & Risk Analysis Techniques
Risk Evaluation
Risk Treatment, Actions & Strategies
Risk Treatment
Risk Mapping
How To Apply as well as Choose Risk Treatment?
Assign Risk Ownership
Risk Communication as well as Reporting
Risk Communication
Risk Register
Importance of Risk Communication
Risk Management Reporting
Monitoring, Reviewing & Documenting Risk Management Process
Monitoring as well as Review
Measuring Risk Management Performance
Recording the Risk Management Process
ERM & Corporate Social Responsibility CSR!
CSR, Creative Accounting, as well as ERM
Corporate Social Responsibility CSR
Creative Accounting
Role of Insurance Companies in ERM
Role of Insurance Companies
Risk Pooling
How Insurance Works?
Insurable Risk vs Uninsurable Risk
ERM Information Systems & Softwares
Risk Management Information Systems
Benefits as well as Advantages of Risk Information Systems
Selecting Your Risk Management Software
Credit Rating Agencies
What Is a Credit Rating?
Factors Affecting Credit Ratings
Why Credit Ratings Are Important for Risk Owners?
Real Past Bankruptcies Due to Lack of Risk Management
Toys “R” Us (1948 – 2017)
Borders Co (1971 – 2011)
Compaq (1982 – 2002)
General Motors (1908 – 2009)
Investement Appraisal as well as ERM
Mergers as well as Acquisition as well as ERM
Areas to become Analyzed through ERM Team
Final Assessment
Multiple Lectures
Crisis Management
ERM & Covid-19
Covid-19 & Enterprise Risk Management
Wrapping Up as well as Conclusion
Wrapping Up as well as Conclusion
Wrap Up
Conclusion on ERM
Formats & PDFs Bank
Formats & PDFs Bank

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