Fix AdSense took too long to respond/review

02/26/2023 12:00 AM by SEO in Adsense

This article is about how to speed up Google AdSense under review time. When you submit your website for Google AdSense Approval it usually takes 2 days to 2 weeks to review your website which is a long time. But if you do this, your Google review will take much less time. The Google AdSense team will let you know very quickly whether your website is ready to run Google Ads or not.

Make sure that have you done these steps correctly before apply this extra step.


1. Have you pasted google AdSense HTML code between <head> and </head>.

2. Is your website correctly connected to AdSense.

3. Have you allowed google ads crawler on your website.

4. Is your website deeply connected with AdSense.

If you have done above steps correctly then apply this extra step.


Step by step Guide 


So let's start fixing

1. Go to AdSense.

2. Click on menu.

3. Now click on sites.

4. After clicking on site you can see your site name and Getting ready message.

5. After opening this window now click.

6. Feed back Button in left side at the end of the page.

7. Now click on send Feedback 

8. Tick feedback include screenshot

9. Now copy below feedback and paste this as your feedback only you need to change site name and bit other information.


Feedback Text



AdSense team I have applied my website for AdSense approval more than 2 weeks ago but even yet I haven't received any response from your side. Please review my website manually and let me know as fast as possible about my website is ready or for AdSense Approval

Website Name : ....

Publisher ID :.....

AdSense Admin Email address : ....


Thanks AdSense Team )


After pasting above text in feedback section of AdSense click submit feedback


AdSense team will respond you in 12 to 24 hours about your website

This step boost AdSense Approval review time.

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